btb-image-2Customisable Transport Planning:

The behindthebuttons software management system generates a (fully customisable) e-ticket invite in the form of a barcode, QR code that can be printed on a delivery note or a PIN sent to the driver. Upon arrival, the driver registers at the touch screen portal using their native language e.g. English, French, Romanian, Lithuanian, Polish etc. and accepts the sites terms and conditions. They are then either put in the waiting queue or directed to a specified loading bay with access being gained through controlled barrier or gate systems – which are connected to your logistics dashboard. For unannounced visitors, the self-service registration ensures a quicker reception and less time spent waiting.


Integration with your site cameras, number plate recognition combined with powerful reporting capabilities, automatically generate alerts via mail or SMS when visitors arrive at the site and provide real time monitoring with a full audit trail. gain insight into the current and historical presence of visitors. With one click of a button you can produce an overview of everyone present in the event of an emergency for coordination with the emergency services.

24/7 coverage eliminating manned security stations whilst providing full traceability helps to mitigate unjust third-party claims for damage, whilst legitimate events can be verified. Once the vehicle leaves, all permissions are removed and the client has a complete audit trail.


  • User-friendly web application that allows authorised employees to register visitors or groups in advance.
  • Quicker reception through automatic registration of pre-registered visitors with eTicket and self-service registration of unannounced visitors.
  • Integration capability with a variety of access control systems, parking management systems and authentication providers (SAML 2.0, Active Directory). True automation without manually inputting entire databases.
  • The seamless software interface removes the requirement for cumbersome hardware, relays etc. and therefore the associated hardware, installation and maintenance costs.
  • Removal of security and reception personnel by using a self-service portal generating cost savings with improved efficiencies. Losing unsightly cabins and regaining space for bays by just one access column.
  • Real-time dashboard immediately shows you who is on your site in the event of an emergency.
  • Configure visitor profiles with access authorisations to your site(s) including terms and conditions of the site (Safety/Hygiene).
  • Gives suppliers the possibility of granting contractor access – according to a given quota.
  • The dispatching function enables transporters to be placed in a queue at logistics sites. The transporter will only be granted access after a loading bay is assigned.