Bi-Folding Speed gates provide a useful solution when space is limited and speed of operation is important. Peritect offer Trackless Bi-Folding Speed Gates as single leaf or double leaf up to 12m width and 4m height. Trackless means that the gate does not require any ground or overhead track, simplifying installation, providing for a quiet and trouble-free operation with no tracks to maintain and keep clear.

The aluminium frame gives the gate strength and stability with speed of operation up to 1m/s. A combination of robust construction and high-quality automation the gates have a 100% duty cycle for continuous usage.


The bi-fold speed gates have a low-wear, electromechanical drive employing soft-start and soft-stop gate control of the leaf, significantly increasing product life without high maintenance. The drive and control components are mounted in a weather proof enclosure which is situated within the guide column, protected from the environment or tampering. The powder coat finish which carries a 15-Year guarantee provides further durability and protection from weathering or scratches.


  • Opening and closing speed is up to 1 m/s
  • Revolutionary fully integrated patented drive system
  • Robust steel guide posts
  • Trackless guide system for trouble free operation
  • Electric drop bolt system for secure fixing in the open and closed positions
  • EN13241-1 approved, TUV certified and CE Marked
  • Fully integrated safety edges, dual height light barriers, LED warning light
  • Factory configured and 100% tested for efficient and simplified installation


The BALU QUATTRO is available in standard sized single and double leaf configurations widths up to 12m and heights 4m. Other size variations can be achieved too just contact us to discuss your specific requirements today.


ST 30/30 Bar 30×30

Round Bar Ø25mm

Welded mesh 6/5/6

Perforated Sheet Ø 10mm or 10×10, Ø 20mm or 20×20, Ø 40mm or 40×40