The key to critical infrastructure protection from Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED) is a combination of access restriction and approach speed management and whilst careful planning and layout design can assist with the restriction of approach speed, the final line of defence is the blocking system.

As the blocking systems are designed as life saving equipment, it is essential that they are suitable to combat today’s ever increasing threat types.  The equipment has been extensively tested in a number of ways to ensure that when it needs to perform, it will plays its part.

Testing work undertaken to date includes dynamic impact testing with a variety of different impact forces, penetration testing (mainly aimed at the pedestrian control equipment) and explosive shrapnel dispersal testing.

In today’s environment higher levels of perimeter protection are increasingly necessary and design consultants are tasked with ensuring that installations are not only safe and secure in the current climate but are also future proofed against an escalating threat level.

Our commitment to protection extends to the provision of a frontline service to design consultants to assist in the correct specification and design of security control points.