The ECO ‘economy’ range is available for gate widths up to 10m and heights up to 2.5m. ECO uses a mechanical fixing system rather than the welded method used for the Industrial Classic. The ECO is offered in four standard infill types; ST30, 6/5/6, 8/6/8 and Ø25 as well as the standard RAL colour options. Operation can be manual or automated using the INLINE 100 or External 14 drive systems.

ST 30/30 Bar 30x30
Round Bar Ø25mm
Continuous Bar Ø25mm
Welded mesh 8/6/8


The ECO ‘economy’ range utilities a mechanical fixing system and is available for gate widths up to 10m. The same range of automation, gate types and options found in the B-ALU Industrial are available.

Table of sizes - ECO