Key Benefits:

  • No runback space is required
  • Only 35 seconds to open an entrance up to 20m wide
  • Perfect for cold and snowy winters
  • Installs on inclines of 20%.

Peritect offer Avantgates to provide a range of vertical solutions, with options to suit industrial to residential locations with styles to match all aesthetical or advertising needs.

For city and suburban environments where there are architectural restraints choose the up-and-over system, allowing the smallest site to be secured with a single or double operating column. In a full range of eye catching styles to sell your business or to protect your home with matching fencing.

Widely sold in alpine countries Avantgates can be installed on inclines of 20% and won’t be blocked by snow drift. The vertical gates can be supplied ready to work at minimum temperatures of -40°C, with high-pressure hydraulic motorisation (up to 350 bar) providing superior reliability.

The vertical gates have been certified EN13241-1 compliant as well as TÜV and CE certified.