The rotation of the column is a smooth action which is controlled by a self-centering system that automatically places the column in the next starting position after every cycle. This avoids intermediate positions of the rotor and even in the case of a power failure a person will not be trapped in the turnstile.

Equipped with an intelligent control unit, the turnstile can be configured and set to meet the individual access control requirements for specific operating modes. With every movement is counted, this unit can be integrated with access control system and offers remote diagnostic over IP or RS485.

The Linus with 120° rotation for comfortable passage or 90° for increased security and capacity, the aluminium range of turnstiles is available in single or double configuration and a wide range of options. These include integrated lighting, anti-climb over and a variety of access control devices.

With exceptional durability being made from vandal proof 304 stainless steel the Linus and Tripo-D have a maximum throughput of 30/min, this highly reliable turnstile range has a MTBF in excess of 1,000,000 operations.

The Tripo-D is a Half height durable tripod turnstile for frequent use and is made from brushed 304 stainless with 316 stainless steel as an option. This weather proof unit does not require an additional cover when installed directly outside.

The intelligent control unit can be configured to your specific requirements whether it is controlled access, locked or free access. Each movement is counted and the control unit can be configured with any access control system with ease of settings with diagnostics and adjustment being available over IP, RS485 or another network.